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We left the United States in May 2012 and moved to Nicaragua to create a business that gives back to the community. Since we moved here, we’ve been traveling all over the country to find various handmade products by the people of Nicaragua and ultimately develop a line of products that we can sell overseas. Buying and selling products from these local artisans will not only help their local economy, but will also expose people overseas to the beauty of an unfamiliar culture.

Life Out of the Box is a “product for a product business”. For every product that we sell overseas, we will give back a product to help educate the kids here in Nicaragua. Sell a product, give a product. One for One. We want to give the kids a useful product that will allow them to have the opportunity to live their life out of the box and pursue their own dreams. So far, these products include a variety of notebooks, agendas and pencils. We are both very connected to education and believe that it’s the best place to start in helping developing countries. It’s the root of where change can start–where kids can learn and develop their own skills to improve their country’s economy, help their families and go on to teach the next generation.

While we’ve been traveling around the country looking for products to sell, we have also been working with various non-profit organizations to find out how we can make a difference. Overall, our journey has been very exciting and fun and we hope that you follow us in our pursuit of living Life Out of the Box. Below is a video that sums up how Life Out of the box works:

Why product for a product?

Helping others around the world is a higher priority to our generation than any before because we live in a world that is more globally connected than ever. We are aware of global social issues such as poverty, unemployment and poor education systems in places like Nicaragua because of the easy access to information through internet and social media. To this new generation, money is no longer the bottom line. Making the world a better place is.

From the beginning, we wanted to integrate giving back into our business model so that the giving is self-sustaining rather than dependent on donations. We call this socially conscious business. It’s integrated into the finances from the beginning. We want to give NGOs that serve the less fortunate something tangible that we know would actually make a significant difference rather than just blindly giving monetary donations. Sell a product, Donate a product. Through buying our products, people will have the ability to give a product to children around the world who could use it.

Our plan is to start in Nicaragua, but that’s not where we will stop. Our dream is to take this business concept and implement it globally in other countries as well so that Life Out of the Box can help kids all over the world have the same opportunity as we did. To pursue their dreams and change the world.

Explaining part of the story to my new friend

Life Out of the Box has two main goals:

1. To inspire people to live their ideal life, go global and make their dreams come true by living Life Out of the Box

2. To give others in developing countries the same opportunity to live a better life by giving an educational product back to them for every product sold

Life Out of the Box

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