LOOTB #3632: Barrio Planta Project


Your purchase helped us provide school supplies to the Barrio Planta Project after school program.


The Barrio Planta Project (BPP) is an educational NGO in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua to empower low-income children. They teach the kids English, dance & other creative arts to give the students exposure to enriching cultural activities. BPP believes that through the creative arts and education, students will find their voice locally, nationally and ultimately globally—and we couldn’t agree more. It’s a wonderful project doing amazing things for these kids and we are honored to have been able to give school supplies to each of their wonderful kids.

For more information about BPP, visit the following:

[Website] http://barrioplantaproject.org

[Facebook] http://www.facebook.com/Proyecto.BPP

[Twitter] http://twitter.com/Down_with_BPP


They were so happy and thankful when they received the notebook & pencil we gave them on your behalf. Thank you for your support; with the educational tools that you gave them, the possibilities are endless. We hope that every time you look at your LOOTB bracelet you think about them and the difference you made.