LOOTB #387: Idie

This little cutie is Idie. She is 6 years old, her favorite subject in school is Math and when she grows up she wants to be a writer or a journalist!LOOTB Gives in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

We met her in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua right next to the local library. The San Juan del Sur Library is a wonderful NGO that provides students with a safe place to study, do their homework, read and learn English after-school and on the weekends! She was so happy and thankful when she received the notebook we gave her on your behalf. Thank you for your support; with the simple tools, such as this notebook, the possibilities are endless for her (see The Value of a Notebook). We hope that every time you look at your LOOTB bracelet you think about her and the difference you made.

LOOTB Gives in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua